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This site is about Fallout games and Fallout-like games. Here you will find news and picks related to post-apocalypse games. RPG and tactical games in the setting of the post-nuclear world and dark fantasy.

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  • Games Like Wasteland 3 that you can’t miss

    What is Wasteland 3? An excellent role-playing system, turn-based battles, and a crazy post-apocalyptic atmosphere. So, Wanderer, today I prepared for you seven games that you can’t pass if you like the Wasteland 3 and Wasteland games series. Games that are very similar to Wasteland 3: Atom RPG The Atom RPG is Classic RPG with turn-based …

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  • 16 Games Like Fallout 4

    16 games with post-apocalyptic, action RPG gameplay like Fallout 4 We may all know (and maybe love) Fallout 4 mainly because of its vast open-world that combines the strong reminiscences of both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Set in a post-apocalyptic Massachusetts, the fourth installment of the Fallout series was released in 2015 and takes …

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  • Full List Of DLC For Fallout 4 (Ranked By NCR Ranger)

    Fallout 4 developers often make players happy by releasing new additions (DLC) to the game. Usually all the add-ons for Fallout 4 are divided into two types, either new content for building and crafting or interesting new stories, in the center of which gets your main character. In this article we will briefly look at …

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  • 9 Games Like Fallout New Vegas

    If you’re looking for games similar to Fallout New Vegas, we’ve put together a list of great games that are sure to catch your attention. 1. Mist Survival Available Platforms: Microsoft Windows Game Genre: Adventure IGDB Rating Score: 80 (Good) Steam Page Review Mist Survival is a survival stealth shooter game. The game has a …

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  • 8 Games Like Fallout Shelter

    2d Base Building Games Similar to Fallout Shelter Back in 1997, Fallout exploded on the video game scene. With themes of post-apocalyptic atomic-age futurism meets retro 1950s music and stylings, it’s easy to understand the series’ allure and relevance. New Fallout versions are produced consistently, along with similar games appealing to fans of the game.  …

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