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Hello everyone, I'm Dima and I love Fallout games. On this site I have compiled a selection of games similar to my favorite Fallout. As well as articles on the Fallout franchise and other post apocalyptic games.

games just like Kenshi

6 games just like Kenshi

Kenshi is a great survival simulator. We love this game for its large, atmospheric world, post-apocalypse, base building, and deep character development. I’ve gathered a list of games with similar gameplay and closely resembling Kenshi for you. RimWorld Features: base building, social relations. Steam Page RimWorld is a sci-fi computer game in the construction and …

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10 Games Like Valheim focused on Surviving and Building

Valheim is an open-world survival simulation computer game developed by the Swedish company Iron Gate and published by Coffee Stain. Players will explore “a vast fantasy world steeped in Scandinavian mythology and Viking culture. The world of the game is procedurally generated in each new playthrough, so the geography of Valheim is never repeated. Unlike …

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Games Like Fallout