Best games like the Forest on PC and PlayStation 4

I have prepared a list of games like Forest on PC and PlayStation 4. Live in the wilderness, build your shelter, and face deadly dangers.

Green Hell – 9 / 9

GREEN HELL is an open-world survival simulation set in an uncharted corner of the Amazon jungle.

You find yourself alone in the jungle, without food or equipment. Your task is to survive and get out to people. But as time passes, loneliness begins to put more and more pressure on your body and your psyche, and your battle for life turns into a war of attrition. How long can you stand alone against the unknown?

You get no help from the outside world. All you have is your head and your hands. You have to learn survival techniques on the fly, build shelter, and make tools and weapons for hunting and self-defense. In the jungle, your life is always under threat: at any moment, you can be finished off by wild animals and tropical diseases. Not only that, even your psyche becomes an enemy: you will have to fight the traps of your mind and fears that grow as mushrooms in the humid darkness of the jungle.

ARK: Survival Evolved – 8 / 9

Being stranded naked on the shore of a mysterious island called ARK, freezing and starving, you will have to hunt, gather resources, create items, grow crops, research technology, and build shelters to withstand the weather. Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame and breed the enormous dinosaurs and other primitive creatures that inhabit the island, and team up with or hunt hundreds of other players to survive, dominate… and overcome challenges!

ARK: Survival Evolved is a one of survival multiplayer games like the Forest developed by Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Effecto Studios, and Virtual Basement.

Subnautica – 7 / 9

The player must survive in the ocean among a multitude of creatures, many of which are extremely unfriendly. As in many other survival games, there are indicators of health, thirst, and hunger, as well as oxygen, the lack of which, with the constant need to dive deeper, is a huge problem. It can be partially solved by creating a different volume of water tanks or underwater transport. To advance in the story, you also need to create various new tools, food, and transport.

Subnautica is a computer game in the genres of adventure games and open-world survival games like the Forest, developed by the indie studio Unknown Worlds Entertainment. In Subnautica, the player is free to explore another planet’s ocean, controlling a lone character, the sole survivor of the Aurora spaceship crash.

The Long Dark – 6 / 9

Long-haul pilot Will Mackenzie (player character) and Dr. Astrid Greenwood find themselves separated when a mysterious flash of light causes their plane to crash in the wilds of northern Canada. Desperate to survive and find Astrid, Mackenzie comes to the town of Milton, where he begins to realize the magnitude of this silent disaster.

The Long Dark is a thoughtful game focusing on survival and exploration, where players will have to make their own decisions as they travel through a vast, cold wilderness that has survived a geomagnetic disaster. There are no zombies, just you, the cold, and whatever Mother Nature has in store for you.

Stranded Deep – 5 / 9

Stranded Deep is set in the Pacific Ocean, in the Devil’s Sea. The player controls the sole survivor of a crashed plane; the character must independently search for resources to survive, explore the world, and avoid dangers, such as attacks by sharks and poisonous snakes. At the beginning of the game, the character finds himself in the open sea among sharks and must reach a safe desert island, where he can make primitive tools from rocks and sticks, search for edible plants, and catch crabs and fish. The game world, including islands, shipwrecks both on the surface and underwater, and other notable locations, including bosses, are procedurally generated.

Stranded Deep is a no-good survival game like the Forest developed by an Australian studio and released by Beam Team Games for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles in 2020.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey – 4 / 9

Ancestors are dedicated to human evolution and the early stages of human history; its action starts in Africa 10 million years ago. Initially, it was supposed to divide the game into several short episodes devoted to different time epochs, later the developers decided to make all the time epochs available to the player from the very beginning. According to Desile’s intention, the player should get more freedom in the game, becoming the crowning glory of his own history.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey – is a the Forest-like game third-person action computer game with elements of survival simulation on the Unreal Engine 4, developed by Canadian company Panache Digital Games for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

Survive on Raft – 3 / 9

A terrible plane crash took the lives of all the passengers and crew… except one. You have survived and are now outside of civilization. The vast ocean, the exhausting sun, and hungry sharks are all around you. The almost hopeless situation and the possibility of dying spur adrenaline into your bloodstream. There is only one thing left for you to do – survive.

Raft : Survival – is a raft survival simulator that will throw you into an epic adventure in the middle of the ocean.

Valheim – 2 / 9

Valheim – is a third-person fantasy action-adventure game in a vast open world, a sandbox with survival elements. Like the Forest, this game is available on Steam.

At Odin’s command, the hero finds himself in a new, uncharted world in order to destroy the monsters here. Of course, on such a serious matter should be sent only naked and barefoot, and the first days instead of performing feats and earn their place in Valhalla, we have to fight off boars and overgrown lizards with sticks. Gradually our Viking has a hammer, a workbench, his first primitive weapon, and a hastily made shack with boar legs and the tails of those very lizards scrambling over the fire near it. The future hero sits somewhere nearby, chewing the berries and mushrooms gathered the day before and trying to attach the flint he found on the shore to a branch to make a spear.

Project Zomboid – 1 / 9

Zomboid, at first glance, does not look like games like Green Hell and the Forest. But it is one of the best survival games with deep mechanics and deep gameplay.

Project Zomboid – a computer game at the intersection of the survival horror and computer role-playing game genres, dedicated to survival during the zombie apocalypse. The game is developed by an independent studio, The Indie Stone. The game is made in two-dimensional isometric graphics. As the main features of the future game, the developers call the open changing world, developed a system of making useful things, the need to cooperate with other characters, to fight against hunger, trauma, depression, and paranoia.

The game is set in Knox County and Louisville, Kentucky, USA. After the epidemic occurred, a huge part of the county’s population was infected with an unknown virus and turned into zombies. The few survivors of the first days of the epidemic will have to fight for survival in the harsh conditions of the zombie apocalypse. One of the survivors is played by the player. The game has no definite ending. It is impossible to win and ends when the player’s character dies. How late and that happens depends only on the player’s skills.

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