Top Narrative Games like Disco Elysium

games like Disco Elysium

Games like Disco Elysium are immersive, story-driven experiences that offer players a unique blend of narrative and gameplay elements. These games typically feature richly developed characters, complex plotlines, and branching dialogue choices that allow players to shape the story as they progress. Much like Disco Elysium, these games often explore mature and thought-provoking themes, such as mental health, politics, and societal issues, which lend a sense of depth and realism to the game world.

In addition to their narrative strengths, games like Disco Elysium often feature innovative gameplay mechanics that enhance the player’s immersion and sense of agency. These might include skill-based systems that impact dialogue and action choices, or investigative mechanics that require players to piece together clues and solve puzzles to progress. Overall, games like Disco Elysium offer a unique and engaging gaming experience that appeals to players looking for a more sophisticated and intellectually stimulating form of entertainment.

The outer worlds

  • Features: Open World, Action RPG, RPG, Exploration, FPS, Adventure
  • Steam List

The Outer Worlds is a first-person computer role-playing game developed by American company Obsidian Entertainment for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms. The game was released on October 25, 2019. The game is published by Private Division, a division of Take-Two Interactive responsible for supporting independent developers.

The game is set in the future in a fictional sci-fi universe. The player assumes the role of an emerged cryosleep passenger on a spaceship sent to the newly founded colony of Alcyon on the edge of the galaxy. As it turns out upon awakening, the colony has long been mastered by mankind, and the game character, like his unfortunate companions, has been in frozen form for 70 years. The local resident who rescued him promises to save the other colonists as well, but the player can either cooperate with him in this matter or hand over the savior to the evil corporation Alcyon for a reward. On Alcyon, the game character becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving several factions – corporations and bandits – that threatens the very existence of the colony.

Brothers: a tale of two sons

  • Features: Adventure, Atmospheric, Story Rich, Controller, Indie, Emotional, Puzzle
  • Steam Page

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an adventure game developed by Starbreeze Studios with Youssef Fares and published by 505 Games. The game was released on August 7, 2013 for Xbox 360 and on September 3, 2013 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3.

The gameplay is based on the interaction between the two brothers with each other and the world. They overcome obstacles and solve mysteries while working together. The player controls each brother separately with a keyboard or gamepad, allowing each character to move freely and individually. There are also individual action buttons for each brother. NPCs react differently when each brother interacts with them, sometimes only one of the brothers can get specific information from specific NPCs.

Fallout and fallout 2

  • Featured: RPG, Post-apocalyptic, Classic, Isometric, Open World, Turn-Based Combat
  • Steam Page

Fallout 2 is an open-world computer role-playing game developed by Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay Entertainment in 1998. In the CIS countries, the game was localized and released in 2006 by 1C. It is the second installment in the Fallout series. Despite the fact that the game engine has not changed much since the first part, thanks to the detailed development of the game world and the story, the sequel managed to surpass it in popularity.

The engine of Fallout 2 has undergone few changes compared to Fallout, so the gameplay is almost no different from its predecessor. However, the game world was enlarged in comparison with the first part. The story in the game develops as the quests are received and completed. Quests are tasks that appear to the player as the game progresses or are given to him by other characters. There are several hundred quests in Fallout 2. Initial quests in Arroyo do not require much effort and rather serve to prepare the player for future challenges.


  • Features: Visual Novel, Detective, Crime, Interactive Fiction, Point & Click, Surreal
  • Steam Page

Rainswept takes you on an emotional adventure in a small town shaken by a double shooting. Join Detective Stone and unravel entangled threads of love, relationships and unresolved trauma in this character-driven murder mystery game.

Detective Michael Stone arrives in the small town of Pineview to assist the local police force with a seemingly simple case – A couple is found dead in their kitchen. The locals believe it to be a case of murder-suicide, their speculation fueled by rumors of the turbulent nature of the couple’s relationship. Help Detective Stone, assisted by the driven and empathetic Amy Blunt, discover the truth behind Chris and Diane’s story. But be warned: the further he pursues the case, the more his own past shall come back to haunt him. And the closer his sanity will be pushed to the edge. Detective Stone, explore the beautiful town of Pineview, talk to the many locals, interview suspects, dig through the victims’ pasts and try to piece together the story behind Chris and Diane’s brutal deaths.

Divinity: original sin 2

  • Features: Tactical RPG, RPG, Turn-Based Strategy, Story Rich, Exploration, Fantasy, CRPG
  • Steam Page

    Divinity: Original Sin II is a party game, a sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, with single-player and multiplayer modes, developed by Larian Studios with funding from a Kickstarter donation.

    At the beginning of the game, you have to choose one of 5 races (human, elf, undead, lizard, dwarf) for your character. Next, you need to choose a character. The choice of race and character will affect the gameplay (dialogues with many NPCs), as well as the relationship with companions who will be in your group. It is possible to choose a ready-made character (one of the companions). When the player travels around the world, his companions can be controlled by another person (through co-op). The player can not take a team of new characters, then they will come across the player during the game (as NPC to communicate), will talk about their adventures and offer their own quest chain and the ending.

    Wasteland 3

    • Features: RPG, Turn-Based Combat, Strategy, Post-apocalyptic, CRPG, Co-op, Isometric
    • Steam Page

    Wasteland 3 is an RPG computer game developed by inXile Entertainment and is the sequel to the 2014 computer game Wasteland 2. The game was officially announced in September 2016. The game was released on August 28, 2020 on Windows, macOS, Linux, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

    After the events of the previous game in the series, in which the Arizona Desert Rangers were forced to destroy their own base, they found themselves in a very difficult situation. At one point, they are contacted by a certain Patriarch who calls himself the ruler of Colorado and offers them serious material support in exchange for help. The Rangers, having no other options, agree and send a convoy to Colorado, but it is ambushed, during which virtually all but a couple of the Rangers die or go missing. The survivors contact the Patriarch, who gives them an old military base as compensation and instructs them to find his three children, Valor, Victor, and Liberty.

    Death stranding

    • Features: Story Rich, Open World, Walking Simulator, Adventure, Action, Atmospheric
    • Steam Page

    Death Stranding is an open-world action computer game developed by Kojima Productions with support from Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4 in 2019; 505 Games released a Microsoft Windows version of the game in 2020.

    The gameplay is based on delivering parcels from one point in the world to another: controlling the hero Sam, the player must select an order through the delivery terminal of one of the settlements, load the parcel on the hero’s back and travel with it to the recipient – on average, such a hike takes five to fifteen minutes. The act of travel itself should be a challenge and a source of emotion for the player, similar to a hiking trip. Each successful delivery is evaluated on a number of parameters, and the player receives special points from non-player characters – “likes”, similar to the “Like” function in social networks; the player gets more “likes” if the package is not damaged during delivery, or, for example, if he delivers more items than necessary for a minimally successful delivery.

    Mass effect

    • Features: Story Rich, RPG, Choices Matter, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Action
    • Steam Page

    Mass Effect is an action-role-action computer game developed by BioWare and released by Microsoft Game Studios in 2007, the first installment in the Mass Effect series. The game was originally released only for the Xbox 360 game console; a Microsoft Windows version of the game was released in 2008, and a PlayStation 3 version was released in 2012.

    Before the game begins, you select your character’s name, gender, appearance, one of several backstory options, and class. There are six classes to choose from, each of which implies its own style of combat and allows you to use certain types of weapons. For example, a character of the Adept class is fluent in biotics, but cannot handle most weapons, a soldier, on the contrary, specializes in the use of various weapons, and an engineer – in hacking security systems, repairing equipment and treating allies. The other classes (scout, specializing in ranged attacks, stormtrooper, deadly in close combat, and guard, adapted for biotic or technical work and suitable as support) are combinations of the first three.


    • Features: Great Soundtrack, Story Rich, Choices Matter, Multiple Endings, Pixel Graphics
    • Steam Page

    Undertale is a computer role-playing game developed by American programmer and composer Toby Fox. The player controls a child who accidentally falls into a hole and finds himself in the Underworld, a large world isolated from humans. In his attempts to return home, the player encounters many different creatures, some of whom are hostile to him.

    Undertale is a pixelated RPG that uses traditional computer role-playing game mechanics, such as experience points, weapons and health points, but with some differences. The setting allows the player to travel through the dungeon, including visiting various locations. Along the way, the player will have to face all sorts of puzzles, as well as interact with non-playable characters. Also in the outside world, the player will encounter save points, which allow him to save his current progress, at the same time restoring health points.

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