Games Like Sea of Thieves – Pirate and Exploration Games

Games Like Sea of Thieves - Pirate and Exploration Games

Games Like Sea Of Thieves? There are many great pirate and exploration games out there that offer a similar experience. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Skull and Bones: An online multiplayer game set in the Golden Age of Piracy, Skull and Bones puts you in the role of a pirate captain battling for supremacy on the high seas.
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag: Set during the Golden Age of Piracy, Black Flag allows you to explore the Caribbean as the infamous Edward Kenway.
  • Sid Meier’s Pirates!: A classic pirate game first released in 2004, Sid Meier’s Pirates! has been updated and re-released several times. It features a mixture of action, adventure, and strategy gameplay elements.
  • Risen 2: Dark Waters: Risen 2 is an action RPG with a strong focus on piracy and exploration. It takes place in a fictional world that is heavily inspired by the works of Jules Verne.
  • Sea Dogs: To each his own: A open world pirate game that allows you to choose your own path. side with one of the five factions or remain neutral and forge your own destiny.

Games like Sea Of Thieves are plentiful if you know where to look. These are just a few of our favorites. What are some of yours?

King of Seas

Pirates, Battleship, Role-playing action, Navy

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At the start of the adventure, the game sends you into a procedurally generated world, which is bound to change at the beginning of the next journey if the player is motivated, desperate, or insane enough to start a second playthrough following the difficulties that open up after the first session. Three difficulties are initially available, affecting the player’s rewards and recovery after a ship is destroyed in a battle or when it hits a rock – if you die, you irretrievably lose the watercraft you bought.

The game King of Seas begins with you choosing a male or female character among brothers and sisters who are the offspring of a royal family. When your character sets out on their first voyage as a captain, you receive news that your father, the king, has died. And then your adventure begins.


Pirates, Multi-player, Battleship

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Blackwake is an indie project, a sea battle simulator between pirates and English sailors. This project started closed testing in 2013 and came out of the beta test on February 24th, 2017.

In essence, the game is a match between two sides, each of them having three ships of different types, ranging from a small schooner and ending with a large galleon. The server can handle 54 players, small and large sea craft with a crew of up to 13 players. You choose sides (pirates or England) and select which ship you want to sleep on. Also, you have a few tasks. Beginners can play only the role of a sailor. Sailors do all the dirty work on a ship: scrubbing the deck, patching holes, repairing the watercraft, and loading cannons with powder and shells. Actually, they are cannon fodder. At the beginning of the game, a sailor chooses a weapon, a gun, and a special item. The main task of the sailors is to deliver cannonballs to the cannons.

No Man’s Sky

Open World, Space, Exploration, Indie

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No Man’s Sky is an open-world space action-adventure computer game with survival elements, developed and released by British indie studio Hello Games for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in 2016. The game was also ported to Xbox One in 2018, to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2020, and will be ported to macOS, iPadOS, and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

No Man’s Sky’s gameplay involves exploring outer space and planets, some of which allow interaction with various forms of extraterrestrial life, resource extraction, space battles in a variety of randomly generated areas of the galaxy, developing and improving your ship, and running “bounty hunter” missions. Each region of space and each planet is unique and procedurally generated by deterministic algorithms. Information about all the star systems, planets, and life forms that inhabit them is discovered and updated in cooperation with other players. Each object has the nickname of its discoverer.

Blazing Sails

Early Access, Cooperative, Battleship, Fleet

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Fight for survival in the exciting pirate PvP game Blazing Sails! Create your unique pirate and ship and lead them to victory and glory with your friends. Explore different game modes, maps, weapons, water vessels, and more as you smash enemies on land and sea.

When adventures at sea begin, the game reveals a number of its key virtues: you and your crew must work together to keep the ship in good fix. This means adjusting sails to the wind, watching for enemy ships, and steering the sea craft. Sailing with your crew is very nicely implemented: everyone can mark places on a map, making it easy to communicate with whoever is steering. There are many cannonballs, such as heavy cannonballs, which do more damage but move slower, or even exploding barrels, which cause damage over a larger area. And if you miss, they’ll float in the water, waiting for an unsuspecting ship to pass over them. Of course, the more powerful cannonballs are rarer, but you have so much time at the beginning of the game that you’re almost guaranteed to get them.


10 million+ Downloads

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Explore endless worlds and build anything from simple huts to luxurious castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources, or choose survival mode, where you must mine resources and craft weapons and armor to protect yourself from dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive alone or with friends on mobile devices or Windows 10 computers.

Minecraft is a sandbox indie computer game created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson and released by his company Mojang AB. Persson published an initial version of the game in 2009; a stable version for Microsoft Windows PC was released in late 2011 and distributed through the official website.

Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Pirates, Open World, Role Play, Fleet

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Sid Meier’s Pirates! is a remake of the game of the same name, developed by Sid Meier in 1987. The game uses the new Gamebryo 3D engine and has many improved game elements, particularly a ballroom dancing minigame and the system of turn-based land combat. The graphics have been significantly redesigned.

The game has no apparent goal as such. You can either follow the plot, freeing relatives from imprisonment and hunting for evil Marquis de Montalban, or just travel without paying much attention to the plot. Even so, the game offers something to strive for — achievements (or fame). There are several activities in the game through which you can increase your level of fame. At the end of the game (when you last split loot), it will indicate your new profession out of the nineteen options available. The player earns points based on the cumulative amount of money earned, land obtained, titles held, wife status, pirates defeated, relatives freed, treasure found, and cities abandoned.

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