Games Like Wasteland 3 that you can’t miss

Games You Can't Get Past If You Like Wasteland 3

What is Wasteland 3? An excellent role-playing system, turn-based battles, and a crazy post-apocalyptic atmosphere. So, Wanderer, today I prepared for you seven games that you can’t pass if you like the Wasteland 3 and Wasteland games series.

Games that are very similar to Wasteland 3:

Atom RPG

Games that are very similar to Wasteland 3

The Atom RPG is Classic RPG with turn-based battles in the post-apocalyptic world. The game has a lot of nuclear humor and an excellent role-playing system. Skill progression is similar to the Wasteland and Fallout games. In addition to the extensive list of skills, there is a perk tree for deep character customization. The game has a weapon upgrade and armor-crafting mechanics.

Сharacter creation

There are two games in the Atom RPG series:

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game — Steam Page

In 1986, the world was nearly destroyed by the USSR and Western countries. You are one of the survivors of the apocalypse. Your task is to explore the violent and mysterious world of the Soviet Wasteland.

ATOM RPG Trudograd — Steam Page

Twenty-two years ago, the Soviet Union and the Western countries destroyed each other in the nuclear war. Millions of people died, society’s foundations fell, and scientific and technological progress was thrown back into the Middle Ages. You are one of the survivors of this conflict, working for ATOM’s secret organization, whose mission is to protect humanity after the cataclysm.

Mutant Year Zero

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden — Steam Page

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is just what you need to satisfy your passion for turn-based strategy games. Enjoy challenging turn-based battles in the spirit of the Wasteland and XCOM series.

There are no more people in these cities, the roads are falling apart, and the countryside is all overgrown with grass. When you return from the Zone, don’t forget to stop by the Ark, the only safe place, a sort of nightclub where you can replenish your provisions and think about your mission.

A duck with an inflated ego and a boar who can’t contain his anger doesn’t look like the good heroes. Dax, Bormin, Selma, and the other characters you’ll meet have a unique personalities and a wacky way of looking at the world and their lives.

Urban Strife

Urban Strife – Steam Page

Urban Strife is a tactical zombie apocalypse game in which you, as an ordinary human who survived the peak of the apocalypse, try to survive and make a life in the new creepy and bloody world.

Human civilization has fallen at the very moment when most people have turned into bloodthirsty and horrible zombies. Hordes of the dead wandering dead wiped out humanity for two years, and now only a small handful of people are trying to survive in the new and dangerous world. Well, you play the role of an amnesiac survivor who woke up on the edge of the state and is now trying to get back on his feet, build a new camp and gather the militia and peaceful survivors to build a new civilization.

Stellar Tactics

Stellar Tactics – Steam Page

Stellar Tactics is a tactical role-playing strategy game in which you and a squad of mercenary explorers go on a long and dangerous journey through space, discovering new planets and star systems, surviving, fighting the horrors of space, and doing much, much more.

The gameplay is entirely locked into two gameplay directions. the first direction is the exploration of space – its expanses are generated on a procedural level, and thanks to this, you will always find new planets, solar and stellar systems, and much more during your travels. The second direction is tactical battles in which you will have to contend with alien enemy forces, pirates, and other mercenaries.

Jugend Alliance 2

 old-school turn-based tactical RPG

In my opinion, the best old-school turn-based tactical RPG. Manage a team of mercenaries for the liberation of a small country. Huge arsenal of real weapons. Clever opponents and real war tactics of combat actions.

Jagged Alliance is a great tactical game, just like in Wasteland 3. In addition to great tactical battles in this game, you’ll get to hire mercenaries, train militia in the cities, improve weapons. Although the game was released in 1999, it’s still great.

Fallout 2

Fallout 2

Fallout 2 — Steam Page

Does this game need an introduction? The RPG of all RPGs is a game inspired by the first part of Wasteland.

The iconic computer role-playing game about a world that survived a nuclear war was developed by Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay Productions in 1998.

In 2241, 80 years after the action of Fallout, the secluded village of Arroyo, founded by the Outcast of Sanctuary, began to collapse. Taking a couple of healing powders and some money, the chosen one sets out on a dangerous adventure.

Tactical RPG similar to Wasteland 3:

Phoenix Point

tactical combat game like Wasteland 3

This game has everything Wasteland 3 fans love: building a base, training, and upgrading fighters. Great turn-based battles with limited ammo and grenades. Great variety of enemies and quests.

Also, the game has an attractive setting. Fighting with flesh-eating crabs and other types of mutants is unusual and fun. If you are looking for a tactical combat game like Wasteland 3, Phoenix Point is what you need.

Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics is a dynamic turn-based strategy game set 12 years before the first part of Gears of War. A monstrous horde of Locusts has emerged from the underground, destroying cities on the planet Sera. Panic grips the authorities, and the fate of humanity now depends on the actions of a small group of survivors. Playing as Gabe Diaz you recruit, develop, and send units into battle to find and destroy Ukon, the ruthless Locust monster-creating leader. Fight to survive against the odds and outwit your enemy in brutal turn-based battles.

  • Upgrade your squad and equipment: Prepare your fighters to take on dangerous foes, improve their skills, and equip them with the loot you collect in challenging quests.
  • Aggressive Battles: Lead your squad in dynamic turn-based battles. Lead your fighters on the offensive and repel the fierce onslaught of the enemy horde.
  • Huge Boss Battles: Destroy giant bosses that disrupt your plans and dramatically change the scale of the battle.



The world of Shadowrun, a mix of cyberpunk and fantasy, was invented a quarter-century ago and has since gained a large following. Its creator, Jordan Wiseman, returned to Shadowrun to update the classic and turn it into a tactical, turn-based RPG like Wasteland 3.

People, Magic, and Technology. Year 2054. Magic has returned to the world and awakened powerful beings from myths and legends. Technology is intertwined with flesh and consciousness. Elves, trolls, orcs, and dwarves live among humans, while ruthless corporations go all out for profit. You are a runner, a mercenary marginalist who operates in the shadow of mega-corporations, surviving with your skills and instincts.

  • Tense tactical battles: Every action counts when you act in the shadows.
  • Free character development.
  • A spectacular blend of 2D and 3D graphics: Shadowrun Returns combines characters and lighting in 3D with hand-drawn scenery, and character portraits add lively dialogue.

Dead State: Reanimated

Dead State: Reanimated

Dead State is a survival role-playing game set in central Texas during the last days of humanity. Defend a safe haven from enemies, keep an eye on the mood of your charges, and provide them with provisions and equipment. Reminiscent of classic RPGs and strategy games like Fallout, X-COM, and Suikoden, Dead State emphasizes turn-based combat, complex character interaction, and base building against the backdrop of humanity’s desperate fight for survival in the face of hopelessness and fear. Over 50,000 lines of branching dialogue with colorful, multifaceted characters Non-linear exploration of over 100 unique locations Realistic shelter management system: distribute different types of work, create items, make improvements, and resolve conflicts between inhabitants

Other similar games:

Desperados III

Desperados III is a hardcore stealth tactical game with a gripping story set in the ruthless Wild West.

In this long-awaited prequel to the beloved classic Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, John Cooper teams up with runaway bride Kate, secretive assassin Doc McCoy, trapper-giant Hector, and Isabelle, a mysterious lady from New Orleans. In his search for redemption, Cooper and his gang visit small towns, swamps, and rivers, only to eventually reach a dramatic battle worthy of becoming one of the legends of the Wild West.

The Outer Worlds

You awaken from hibernation on a settler ship that has disappeared on its way to Alcyon, the farthest Earth colony at the edge of the galaxy. Find yourself at the center of a vast conspiracy that threatens the existence of the entire colony. The character you create can influence the course of this story as you explore the depths of space and encounter many factions fighting for power. A new unpredictable variable arises in the system of equations of the corporate colony, and it’s you.

A role-playing game where the player determines the story’s development: Obsidian Studios is true to its traditions, so the events in The Outer Worlds depend on you. Only your decisions will influence the fate of your companions and the game’s finale.


What are some games similar to Wasteland 3?

Some games similar to Wasteland 3 include Empire of Sin, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Syndicate, and Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Are there any other games like Wasteland 3?

Yes, there are many games similar to Wasteland 3 that players may enjoy.

What are the best games like Wasteland 3?

The best games like Wasteland 3 will depend on the player’s preferences, but some popular choices include Empire of Sin, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Syndicate, and Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Are there games like Wasteland 2?

Yes, there are games like Wasteland 2, including Wasteland 3, which is the sequel to Wasteland 2.

How does Atom RPG compare to Wasteland 3?

Atom RPG and Wasteland 3 are both post-apocalyptic RPGs with similar gameplay mechanics. However, Wasteland 3 has better graphics and a more complex story.

How does Phoenix Point compare to Wasteland 3?

Phoenix Point and Wasteland 3 are both turn-based strategy games with similar gameplay mechanics. However, Wasteland 3 has a more extensive story and a more complex character development system.

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